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Physical Therapy

Therapy can be provided at home to help you recover from illness, injury or surgery. Our experienced physical therapy staff will assist you with therapeutic exercises to get you back on your feet faster.

National Home Healthcare’s physical therapists will perform an assessment on the first visit to assess your strength and ability to function. The therapist will set goals for you to reach by the end of your certification period, and give you exercises to work on at home between visits. Depending on the plan of care, the physical therapist will work with you to improve your balance, strength, walking distance, range-of-motion, posture and more.

Physical therapy helps you regain motion and strength after a fall, a surgery, a stroke or heart attack, or even after a period of increased weakness. Our therapists can also evaluate your need for equipment, and teach you how to increase your ability to become independent so that you can get back to doing the activities that you love.

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