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Skilled Nursing

Our registered nurses (RNs) work with your doctors to give you the best care possible. Their care includes health assessments, monitoring vital signs, medication teaching, drawing blood and obtaining other samples for lab testing, wound dressing changes, giving injections, ostomy teaching and management, IV infusion management, and more. A registered nurse is available for urgent questions or situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your nurse will likely be the first clinician to arrive at your home to make a head-to-toe assessment of your overall condition, which will include a thorough medical history and assessment of your current health. In addition, our nurse will review each of your medications with you to make sure you understand the dosage, side effects, and avoid potentially harmful drug interactions. Your nurse is also there to listen to your concerns and offer solutions for you. Your National Home Healthcare nurse will collect all information about your health and report back to your doctor for a treatment plan and updates.

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